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Buy trees directly using the form below and receive a whopping 10x cashback. Each tree costs 10 Euros and will give you a tree profit of 100 Euros per tree in year 15.

You can also choose to buy trees as a monthly subscription, as it will be an easier way to build a portfolio of trees. Buy for example 20 trees each month (€200) and in one year, you will have 240 trees (total cost €2,400). Your cashback from those trees would be €24,000 in year 15.

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Please fill out the form below to receive 10 times cashback on each tree you buy.


Trees4Cars offers the most unique green loyalty program for car sellers and buyers on the market. The car seller pays us 4% of the car sales price to plant trees, which has a huge positive environmental, social, and economical impact. The car seller gives half of the trees to car buyer as a gift through our program. Our forestry partner offers an optional agreement of buying back your trees in year 15 for 10x (ten times) your purchase price.

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