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The car industry is seeking answers to make their business healthier seen from an environmental perspective. Electrical cars, hybrids, and other low-emission cars are produced. But still there is a need for a green program that stands out. With our Green Life Changing Program;

  • car dealers and buyers, and everyone else can donate trees,
  • the trees capture carbon dioxide and help tackle the climate crisis,
  • you support a social enterprise system that helps thousands of people in rural areas in East-Africa to find their way out of poverty.


Erik Harstad

Managing Director

I started as a sales consultant in Volvo/Renault in 1984. Seven years later, I started a chain of car dealerships around the county in Norway. After an adventurous epoch, I sold my business to take more care of family, and to reinvest in real estate, software companies, and in health products.

The climate change threats got me thinking about my old car business. There had to be ways to make it more green without forcing green taxes upon people that may not even serve the purpose they were created for. Then the idea and concept around Trees4Cars came to life.

Trees4Cars offers a Green Life Changing Program that has a huge impact on the environment, both locally and globally. Trees take in carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen we breathe. They control climate by moderating the effects of the sun, rain, and wind. Trees hold soil in place and fight erosion, and they absorb and store rainwater which reduce runoff and sediment deposit after storms.

Our forestry partner, Better Globe Forestry, has a mission to plant as many trees as there are people on earth, with thousands of partner farmers who are involved in this challenge. Their social entrepreneurship focuses on funding local microfinance banks, investing in water capturing systems for schools and children, refurbishing of schools, creating jobs, providing education and training for children and adults, and so much more. We are proud to be their partner and hope you or your company will join us to reduce the world’s carbon footprint, make a positive environmental statement, and help impoverished people into a better life.

Erik Harstad

Trees4Cars offers the most unique Green Life Changing Program for car dealers and buyers, and everyone else who wants to do something about their carbon footprint. Donating trees with us has a huge positive environmental, social, and economical impact.

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