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There are several reasons for a seller to spend 4% of the car sale to buy trees.

  1. The 4%-expense turns into a whopping 40%-revenue in year 15.
  2. It benefits both buyer and seller. The seller shares the revenue with the buyer, which should eliminate negotiating the price of a car.
  3. Both buyer and seller can use our green loyalty program as a selling point for the other part to participate.
  4. The money goes to plant trees in rural areas in Africa,
    • which helps impoverished farmers to improve their lives,
    • it gives microfinance to help poverty-stricken families to become self-sustained,
    • it supports school building and children education,
    • it fights corruption long term by teaching integrity to the children,
    • and improves the local and global environment.
If you want to join the car buyer/seller program, the answer is no. Both buyer and seller need to be together and present during registration process, since both parties need to accept the terms and conditions for spending 4% of the car price on trees in our green loyalty program.

If you do not have a car to buy or sell, you can still buy trees for yourself. All the future payments for the trees (EUR 80 per tree) will then go directly to you and not split with the other part.
Better Globe Forestry has planted trees since 2004 and has had different projects for selling trees and donation packages. One of the projects has paid out tree profit every year since 2010 to thousands of customers and everyone has received what they were promised in the agreements.

When the car seller transfers money to us to buy and plant trees, the trees become an asset for the car buyer and seller. In a worst case scenario where our forestry company would go bankrupt, the car buyer and seller are the owners of the trees. That means, the car buyer and seller can take their mahogany trees and sell them on the market to most likely a better value than the fixed pay-back price.

The risk of not getting the money back is extremely low. It would be in the best interest of us to make sure the car buyer and seller get their money back in year 15. After buying the trees back from the buyer and seller to the fixed buy-back price, there will be some profit left from the trees to reinvest in Africa to do more good.
In our calculations, we use a tree cost of 8 Euros per tree and a buy-back price of 80 Euros per tree in year 15 when the trees are harvested (ten times increase in value). That is how the 4% cost becomes 40% revenue in year 15, split by 20% to the car buyer and 20% to the car seller.


A car is sold for 20,000 Euros. The car seller transfers 4% of the sales amount to us to buy trees, which is 800 Euros. The 800 Euros goes to plant 100 trees (8 Euros per tree) and are equally divided by 50 trees to the car buyer and 50 trees to the car seller.

The trees are their assets until we pay back the trees in year 15 to a fixed buy-back price of 80 Euros per tree.

In this case, the car buyer receives 50 trees x 80 Euros = 4,000 Euros in year 15, and so does the car seller.
We convert the local currency to Euros when seller transfer 4% of the car sale to us. That way, we can calculate number of trees that are purchased, which are added into the car buyer's and seller's accounts with us. The trees are their assets until we buy them back in year 15 to the fixed price that equals 40% of the car sale (20% to car buyer and 20% to car seller).

When we buy back the trees in year 15, we will pay back in Euros (EUR 80 per tree).


One tree costs € 8. The car seller uses local currency when buying 25 trees (equals € 200). In year 15, we will pay back € 2,000 for the trees; € 1,000 to car buyer and € 1,000 to car seller.
The car buyer and seller register their bank account info on our site. In year 15, we will contact them by email or phone to make sure the info is correct and transfer money to their bank accounts.
Both the buyer and the seller of the car use the registration form at our site to register their accounts with us and the seller then transfer 4% of the car sale to our account:

Receiving company: Trees4Cars AS
Address: Festelia 23 P
Zip: 1525
City: Moss
Country: NORWAY
Account #: 60930497021
IBAN: NO8460930497021
Bank: Nordea Bank Abp
Address: P.O. Box 1166 Sentrum
Zip: 0107
City: Oslo
Country: NORWAY
It means we have not yet received the payment of the trees from the car seller, or we are still processing the order. As fast as the money order is received and registered, the status on your savings account with us will change from "Pending..." to "Completed" and you will be able to print the tree certificate showing the number of trees you own and the future payback amount you will receive.
Yes. You can register as many purchases or sales of cars you want. You can both buy and sell cars using the same account. When you register a new transaction, we will check for your personal data, and if you already have an account with us, we will ask if you want to use existing account.
Yes. Use the menu "Order trees" and you can order as many trees you want for yourself. You receive 100% of the payback amount when we buy back your trees in year 15 for EUR 80 per tree. In the car program, you would have to split the future payback amount with buyer or seller of the car.

Trees4Cars offers the most unique and ambitious car savings program on the market. The car seller pays us 4% of the sales price, which we use to plant trees. In year 15, the trees have grown from a 4% value to a staggering 40% value, where we pay both seller and buyer 20% each of the original car sale.

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