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You may not have a car to buy or sell at this time, but still want to join our savings program. This order form is made exactly for that purpose. Register below and the number of trees you would like to buy. Each tree costs EUR 8 and will give you a tree profit of EUR 80 per tree in year 15. This equals an annual interest rate of 16.59%.

When buying or selling a car, both the buyer and the seller of the car share the tree profit. By buying trees directly using the form below, you receive all the tree profit.

Registration Form

Please fill out the form below to receive 10 times back on each tree you buy.


Trees4Cars offers the most unique and ambitious car savings program on the market. The car seller pays us 4% of the sales price, which we use to plant trees. In year 15, the trees have grown from a 4% value to a staggering 40% value, where we pay both seller and buyer 20% each of the original car sale.

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