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In addition to the green car loyalty program, we also offer our customers a green loyalty program without buying or selling a car. You can order commodity in form of trees directly using the form below. Your trees are planted and taken care of by our forestry partner. Our forestry partner offers you a separate buyback deal of your trees, where they in year 15 aim to buy back your trees at a price that equals 10x the purchase price. Each tree costs 8 Euros and their buyback deal is 80 Euros per tree in year 15.

You can also choose to buy trees as a monthly subscription. Buy for example 25 trees each month (€200) and in one year you will have 300 trees (total cost €2,400). This equals about 100 tons of carbon emission. If you choose to enter into a separate buyback agreement with our forestry partner, those trees may yield €24,000 in year 15. You will find the option to join the buyback agreement in step 2 of this order form ("Register Purchase Amount").

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Please fill out the form below to order trees with us in our green loyalty program.


Trees4Cars offers the most unique green loyalty program for car sellers and buyers on the market. The car seller pays us 4% of the car sales price to plant trees, which has a huge positive environmental, social, and economical impact. The car seller gives half of the trees to car buyer as a gift through our program. Our forestry partner offers an optional agreement of buying back your trees in year 15 for 10x (ten times) your purchase price.

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